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Author's Guide

Submission Guidelines for the Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research
Papers should be submitted via e-Submission If you have any problems with the e-Submission system or any questions,
please email

The Asian Network for Public Opinion Research (ANPOR) publishes the Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research (AJPOR). AJPOR is published quarterly online. It has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus and is indexed in the Korean Citation Index. We invite submissions of articles related to public opinion in Asia. Original research on methodology or public opinion polls as well as research notes, book reviews, poll reviews, and extended abstracts of papers previously published in another Asian language will all be considered. All submissions should be uploaded using the e-Submission option on this page

Style – Use in-text citations. Follow the APA style manual guidelines for in-text citations and bibliographic information. Use American spelling.

Format – Two files should be submitted. Both should be .doc files.

The paper:
Include the title at the top of the first page
Include an abstract of no more than 250 words on the first page.
Include key words on the first page.
Begin the paper on the second page.
Number pages in the upper right hand corner.
Paper should be size 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced.
Images may be included in the text or as separate files. If another format is needed before publication, the author will be contacted.
All papers must be written in English using American spelling.
Papers, including poll reviews, should generally be shorter than 4,000 words. Research notes, poll trends, and book reviews of fewer than 2,000 words will also be considered.
Do not include your name, funding acknowledgments, or other identifying information on the paper itself. This will allow us to review your manuscript anonymously.

The title page should:
have your name and contact details (email address, address, phone number).
include a brief biography of the author(s).
include funding acknowledgments if necessary. Use the full names of any funding organizations.
be a separate .doc file.

AJPOR retains the copyright of the articles – The articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Publication Fee - Beginning with the November 2018 issue, a publication fee of $200US/paper up to 4000 words
(including reference list and tables) will be charged. If a paper is longer than 4000 words, an additional $50US will be charged for each additional 500 words. Authors who need a full or partial fee waiver should write to to discuss their circumstances prior to submitting their paper for review.

Other guidelines - If you write about a survey you conducted, please include:
1. population of survey
2. response rate
3. survey methodology
4. If you include a table, chart, or graph about a survey question, include:
exact question and answer wording
number of respondents for each answer
percent of respondents for each answer

AJPOR Call for Translated Papers

One of the goals of ANPOR in increasing awareness of the work we are all doing in our respective countries and making our research more accessible internationally. To help support this goal, the Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research (AJPOR) has decided that, as a service to members, we will publish translations of the best new public opinion research published in Asian languages. We are currently accepting suggestions for papers to publish.

The editorial board will decide which previously published papers to translate and include in AJPOR. We will always approach the author(s) of the paper to get his permission prior to translating and publishing it. English versions of the paper should be shorter than 2,000 words. If the author feels comfortable translating his paper or writing a shorter version in English, we will encourage him to do so. If he does not feel comfortable translating his own paper, we can ask an ANPOR member to translate it for him.

Suggestions for the best (non-English) papers related to public opinion research from your country's journals may be sent to Suggestions may be made by anyone, including the paper's authors, and should include titles/author/previous publication information. If possible, an English abstract or a brief statement about the topic of the paper should be included. You may also tell us why you think this paper is important.