ISSN 2288-6168 (Online)
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Disaster Handling through Volunteering and Charitable Donation: The Roles of South Korean Telethon, Involvement, and Collective-Efficacy
Jin, Bumsub
Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research.
This study examined whether South Koreans' philanthropic behaviors were related to the factors of two theoretical frameworks. From the involvement perspective, the study argued that three types of involvement with a telethon may be linked to volunteering and charitable donation behaviors. At the collective level, collective-efficacy may also be related to such behaviors. The study asked 279 South Koreans to respond to a Web survey that used convenience sampling. Results found that after controlling for demographics and past volunteer experiences, cognitive and behavioral involvement and collective-efficacy were positively related to volunteering behaviors, but affective involvement was not related. Moreover, only behavioral involvement and collective-efficacy were positively related to charitable donation. These results suggest that researchers and practitioners for volunteering resources need to use effective programs and contents for such behaviors in order to enhance involvement and level of collective-efficacy among community members in times of disaster.
volunteering; charitable donation; telethon; involvement; collective-efficacy