ISSN 2288-6168 (Online)

Vol 1  No 2 


Malaysia`s 13th General Election: Political Communication and Public Agenda in Social Media

political communication,13th general election,social media,social networking sites (SNS),agenda setting,public opinion

Sern, Tham Jen,Zanuddin, Hasmah


Formalizing the Role of Social Capital on Individuals` Continuous Use of Social Networking Sites from a Social Cognitive Perspective

Computer-mediated communication,social capital,social cognitive theory,social networking sites (SNSs),media usage

Guo, Yu,Li, Yiwei,Ito, Naoya


Political Diversity and Participation: A Systematic Review of the Measurement and Relationship

political diversity,political participation,political network heterogeneity,political discussion network,network attributes

Jun, Najin


The Effect of Incentives on Internet Surveys: Response Rate Changes After the Introduction of Incentives

Internet survey,Incentive,Response Rate

Kennedy, John M.,Ouimet, Judith A.