ISSN 2288-6168 (Online)

Vol 1  No 4 


Predicting Media Credibility in China: The Influence of Weibo Use

Weibo,Social media,China

Shen, Fei,Zhang, Hongzhong


Involvement of Social Media in Disaster Management during the Wenchuan and Ya`an Earthquakes

Social Media,Disaster Management,Micro-blogging,Weibo,Earthquake

Li, Leah Xiufang


How Facebook Functions in a Social Movement: An Examination Using the Web Mining Approach

Social Media,Social Movement,Facebook,Macao

Cao, Wenny,Cheong, Angus,Li, Zizi


Shanghai Residents` Cognition, Attitudes and Expressions towards Significant Political Events -A Case Study of the 2013 "Two Sessions" of China

Microblog,WeChat,political opinion,influence of new media,Shanghai residents

Bofei, Zheng,Shuanglong, Li


Effects of Political Campaign Materials on Party and Non-Party Voting Supporters

public opinion,third-person effect,political communication,media effect

Idid, Syed Arabi,Souket, Rizwanah