ISSN 2288-6168 (Online)

Vol 2  No 4 


My Humble Thoughts on Political Communication Research in Asia

Political Communication Research

Inoguchi, Takashi


Forms of Expression of Angry Voters and Sad Voters: The Effects of Discrete Emotions and Emotional Expression on the Voting Participation through Approach-Avoidance Action Tendencies

emotion,anger and sadness,emotional expression,approach and avoidance,fight or flight,voting intention

Shin, Hye-kyung,Baek, Young Min


Paranormal Beliefs: Using Survey Trends from the USA to Suggest a New Area of Research in Asia

Paranormal beliefs,ghosts,astrology,UFOs,clairvoyance

Kim, Jibum,Wang, Cory,Nunez, Nick,Kim, Sori,Smith, Tom W.,Sahgal, Neha