ISSN 2288-6168 (Online)

Vol 5  No 2 


Factors Influencing the Use of Dental Services by Foreign Tourists in Thailand

dental services,dental tourism,decision making

Papon Chongthanavanit,Jantima Kheokao


Bridging the Age-Related Communication Gap: An Encounter Between Senior Citizens and Communication Students Towards Social Integration

communication students,digital aversion,elderly,health concerns.

Brian Saludes Bantugan,Fe C. Bantugan,Ricardo C. Urbano


Slum Areas in Battambang and Climate Resilience

slum,climate change,climate resilience,poverty

Rem Samnang,Hay Chanthol


Experiences in, Benefits, and Perceived Instrumentality of St. Paul University (SPU) Manila Glee Club Participation: An Integral Human Development Inquiry

Instrumentality,glee club,integral human development,St. Paul University Manila

Alshamir Bryan B. Aripuddin,Russel M. Indab,Pfotokho Kayina,Hito Kiho,Kemuel Quillao,Ericka M. Cruz,Michelle Jean A. Valeriano


Work and Travel Experiences of Filipino Tourism Students in Selected Universities

Work and Travel Experiences,Filipino Tourism Students

Geneive Joie Carpio,Athena Louise De Torres,Rinna Samiran,Kaselyn Joyce Villera,Sharon Manguerra-Mahusay