ISSN 2288-6168 (Online)

Vol 6  No 1 


Perception of Inequality and Societal Health: Analysis on Social Trust and Social Mobility

inequality,perception of inequality,perceived inequality,social trust,social mobility,KAMOS

Sun-Jae Hwang


Factors Associated with Death Acceptance among Thai Patients with Advanced Cancer

death acceptance,death anxiety,Buddhist beliefs about death,self-efficacy,advanced cancer patients

Maliwan Krapo,Sureeporn Thanasilp,Janya Chimluang


Strength Map of Presidential Candidates 2019 in Indonesia Based on a NodeXL Analysis of Big Data from Twitter

presidential election,public opinion,communication network,Twitter,Indonesia,NodeXL

Catur Suratnoaji,Irwan Dwi Arianto,Sumardjijati