ISSN 2288-6168 (Online)

Vol 7  No 1 


Media Use and Political Participation in China: Taking Three National Large-N Surveys as Examples

media use,Internet,political participation,survey data

Hongna Miao


The Linkage Between Issue Ownership Perception and Campaign Advertising: A Case Study of the 2012 Taiwan Presidential Election

campaign advertising,issue ownership,issue convergence,issue trespassing,Web experimental survey

Eric Chen-hua Yu,Pei-chen Hsu


Development of the Thai Elderly Resilience Scale: TERS

resilience,elderly,scale development,TERS,Thailand,Thai Elderly Resilience Scale

Sonthaya Maneerat,Sang-arun Isaramalai,Umaporn Boonyasopun


Evaluation of Survey Data Quality Based on Interviewers’ Assessments: An Example from Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study

data quality,interviewers’ assessment,reliability,validity,Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study,

Chi-lin Tsai,Tsung-Wei Liu,Yi-ju Chen