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Vol 7 No 4 

· EIC Notes

AJPOR Is Seeking Articles That Use a Broad Range of Methodologies

Quantitative, Quantitative, Desired Article, Other Types of Articles

John Kennedy

· Research Paper

Personality Correlates of Political Support: Evidence from South Korea

personality, political support, confidence in government, national pride, South Korea

Shang E Ha


An Empirical Encounter of Cultural Orientation and Cultivation Theory: Factors of Perception of Materialistic Realities and Dealing with Materialism of University Students in South Korea

cultural orientation, cultivation theory, awareness of discrimination experience, genre-specific media, accommodative-countervailing response

Yeji Kwon,Yuri Cha

· Research Note

Islamic Perspective on Students Wearing a Burqa at Universities in Indonesia: Results from a Survey at Three Universities

burqa, Indonesia, university, veiled student, social interaction

Anwar Hafidzi,Moh Iqbal Assyauqi,Muhammad Hanafiah,Muhammad Zainal Abidin,Musyarrafah Sulaiman Kurdi,Wardatun Nadhiroh,Yokke Andini