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Personality Correlates of Political Support: Evidence from South Korea


Shang E Ha(, Republic of Korea)


Despite a vast amount of research on the relationship between personality traits and political attitudes, little is known about the effects of personality on individuals’ support for the political system of their own country. Using three nationally representative datasets from South Korea, the present study shows that the personality dimensions—particularly, Agreeableness—are positively associated with political support, which encompasses confidence in the presidency, confidence in the government, and national pride. These findings suggest that two facets of Agreeableness—trust and compliance—are activated in expressing individuals’ support for their political system. Thus, mobilizing citizens who score high on Agreeableness is essential to maintain political stability and legitimacy, but such a task appears to be difficult, given that ideological polarization discourages them from being politically active due to their propensity to conflict avoidance.


personality, political support, confidence in government, national pride, South Korea

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